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Every child is an artist.                      

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.   - Pablo Picasso       

About the


It's about learning and doing.

What is it?    


  1. A place to explore the imaginings of my mind through writing, drawing, painting, and sculpting. It'll be a slow exploration but maybe I'll be able to bring life to what's in my head.                                                                                                         

  2. A place to share the love of art and writing. I love all things art and know there are others who do too. This is a place to celebrate the creation and appreciation of art.                                                  

  3. A place to dip a shallow pen into the philosophy of art and life. What is art, who is it for, what is it's value, and what's the purpose of life are some of the ideas I'll explore in my BLOG.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has a little time on their hands; children, adults, or anyone interested in the artsy bits of life.


Because life is a JOURNEY and Art & Writing are a part of my life.


My hope is to express myself through art & writing and share it with anyone who might be interested.

Visit the links. They are some great resources.

Who am I?    


      I'm Scot Vorwaller. I'm from a small town in Utah a few miles west of Salt Lake City. I grew up with a view of the Great Salt Lake from my front door. From there I witnessed terrific lightening storms, deep burning sunsets, and the serene quality of staring out over a lake on a distant horizon. From my earliest years I learned to love the beauty of nature. My mom was a hobby painter who loved painting picturesque landscapes. She died before I had a chance to pick up a brush and paint along side her. I think this, more than anything else, spurred my desire to paint and do art. I imagine her at my side whenever I pick up a pencil, a brush, or dig into clay to bring life to my imagination.

      Here I hope to share my love of writing, drawing, painting, and sculpting.


      Part of my love is to share how to do art. My varied interests have led me to learn the many aspects of drawing, painting, and sculpting. I have spent years and many thousands of hours learning and doing art. I have studied under great artists, studied at local Universities, and scoured books and the internet in my quest to become more skilled in all things art. I want to share that here and hope it will be of benefit to someone.

      As I continue my JOURNEY I will share what I'm thinking about and working on in my blog and portfolio. I hope my thoughts and work will inspire others whether they are observers, artists, or  thinking about becoming artists. My hope is to make some small difference in this world.

      Let's embark on A JOURNEY together. Art is a verb. Let's create!


I'm not affiliated with any of these sites. I share them because I have found them useful in my journey.

The way may have changed but we all still love playing.


For me, doing art is playing.

                         Scot Vorwaller

"Change"     by Scot Vorwaller                                                      Oil on linen
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