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I've given a lot of hours to creating this website and blog and I'm still coming to understand what it is. I started with the intention of creating a place where people can come and learn art for free. I still have that intention, but the demands of life are slowing me down. And so, it is morphing into a thing of its own. Understanding what it is is becoming a part of my Journey. I suppose it will grow into whatever it will be. Despite my greatest efforts life has a way of moving me rather than the other way around.

That brings up an interesting idea. To what scale are we able to live an intentional life? Have you seen that term around? I have. I liked it, at first. I thought yeah, I want to do that, but despite all I do I cannot accomplish what I set out to do. Take this blog for example. Originally it was meant to house my art lessons and that’s it. But, that has changed. Life has gotten too busy. I'm not able to complete the art lessons in the time and way I had originally wanted, and so, the blog is turning into an actual blog. It is becoming a place for me to share what I'm thinking. A place to share my Art Journey.

It saddens me a little. I wanted to create a place that would afford the growing artist a place to learn without the struggles I have faced. Maybe I can still do that. I'll try, but until then I will offer up my two-cents on the Artists Journey and hope it can be of benefit to some, and to others a place to share in the familiar struggles we all face.

Art is a delight and the pursuit of it a challenge. It has my heart. It courses through my veins. I cannot live without it and sometimes I cannot live with it. Sometimes it is a great joy, and other times a great burden. For all it is it has consumed me. I belong to it and it to me. I become alive when I'm creating and when I cannot create I dream of it and look forward to the next time I can pick up the pencil, the brush, or the clay.

To those who also live the creative Journey I share a kinship that I cannot fully express. Life is that difficult path we tread and hope to survive. My wish is to live it and maybe leave a little something behind at the end.

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